Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Program mission

The mission of Master of Arts degree program is to train men and women, who are called to a ministerial vocation, in the fundamental skills, knowledge, and practice of Christian leadership and pastoral ministry, in order to prepare them for service in the various professional capacities of leadership and pastoral ministry as well as teaching and research through a curriculum structured to provide a well-balanced training in both the theory and practice of leadership and pastoral ministry. The thesis based M.A programs requires a thesis which gives the student opportunity to combine the knowledge and skill components of education through a research project that has bearing on the student’s present and future ministry. This thesis paper should reflect his or her theology of ministry. This includes a helpful analysis of the institution where ministry was done, an integration of theology and praxis in a ministry setting and a realistic projection of goals for one’s future ministry. It is expected that the paper will reflect the ability to discuss and investigate the major themes of theology at the local and practical levels of ministry. A non-theses M.A. program is also available which require an additional 9 units of course work.

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare students to increase competence and understanding in the Word of God and develop skills and ability to use basic methods of biblical interpretation and exegetical tools.
  • Provide a basic knowledge of theology, Christian doctrines, church history and history of Pentecostal and charismatic churches
  • Promote research and critical thinking skills needed to produce an academic thesis and enable students to write on a selected topic from a unified biblical, historical and systematic theological perspective.
  • Provide basic knowledge and skill in sermon preparation and the ability to effectively communicate Christian message in diverse contexts
  • Integrate theological reflection and practice through internship opportunities.