Master of Social Work

Program mission

A two year program that equips students with an academically and professionally advanced degree to take leadership roles in social work arena.

Learning outcomes

  • To train men and women with advanced competencies in social work with The mentally ill and disabled and also with children and families in need of social services.
  • To train men and women to become responsible, productive and professional practitioners in the various ministries of the church.
  • To enable the students to develop and become fully functioning total persons for a total ministry.
  • To mold and develop graduates who are healthy and well integrated functioning person who is grounded in the word of God and able to translate his/her educational, professional and Christian commitments to action which will enhance the quality of life. In order to accomplish this objective the program equips the graduates with advanced competencies and skills utilizing a wide range of approaches to problem solving, and working with a variety of situations.
  • To prepare graduates to utilize scientific and scholarly knowledge and improve standards of social work practices.
  • To prepare graduates who are built up in faith and are continuing their growth and development in becoming fully actualized persons in the image of Jesus Christ.
  • To prepare graduates trained to work with other professionals with the goal of developing Filipinos discover their human potentials.
  • To equip the graduates with advanced skills and competencies in critical thinking, creative and a flexible social work practice.
  • To develop professional social workers that carry out God’s concerns for the poor, the discriminated and marginalized, and to promote human rights and social justice toward people empowerment.