Enrollment Policies

Payment of Fees

  • Enrollment must be done during Registration Week as stated in the school calendar.
  • Late enrollment will incur a PHP500 per week penalty. The maximum penalty shall not exceed PhP1,000.
  • Tuition and fees are not deferrable. They must be paid by registration. Students with extenuating circumstances may be allowed to pay using a deferred payment plan. In that case one-third of the total amount must be paid during registration. Second one-third is due six weeks after registration and the final one-third is due 12 weeks after registration.
  • Students with delinquent accounts will not be allowed to register for a new semester.

Courses changes and withdrawal / dropping from class

Course changes (adding, changing, and dropping) are made through the Registrar’s Office, after consulting the academic adviser. Courses dropped during the first two weeks of classes are not recorded in student’s permanent academic record. Courses dropped between the third to eighth week of classes are marked ?withdrawn?. Students who drops class after the course withdrawal period will incur failing grade in the course

Student enrollment classifications

  • Full-Time Status. To be classified as full-time a student must satisfy any of the following conditions: 1) Certificate or Bachelor level student enrolled in fifteen (15) units per semester . 2) Masteral level students enrolled in twelve (12) units per semester. 3) Students who are enrolled for three (3) units of theses writing in a given semester.

  • Part-Time Status. To be classified as part-time status, a student must be enrolled in at least three (3) units per academic year.

  • Inactive Status. An inactive status will result when a student fails to complete at least three (3) units per academic year without a formal Leave of Absence. Inactive students who do not apply for a Leave of Absence in a period of one year will be issued a withdrawal notice. Students may request a formal Leave of Absence for up to two (2) years from his or her degree program. The leave of absence request needs to be approved by the academic council.

  • Probationary Status. A student who is accepted on conditional status is one who does not meet the regular academic standards, has a sub-standard GPA, failed EPE or exhibits an academic weakness, but there is small indication the student can succeed. The student is granted one year to achieve the academic level necessary to move to regular acceptance. Failure to do so will result in dismissal.

  • Audit Status. Students may choose to take courses as audit students. Audit students are those who wish to enroll in a specific course without seeking credit. Audit students are not considered to be admitted to any program and are subject to fees lower than that of standard fees at ASCM.

  • International Students. International students are required to maintain valid immigration status throughout their stay at ASCM in order to remain in good standing with the seminary. In most cases, this requires that the student be enrolled full-time for a minimum of fifteen (15) units for all programs in both bachelor and masteral levels. A person whose immigration status is not valid is not considered a current student, and cannot register for classes and participate in seminary activities.

  • Special students. Being a seminary of Christian ministry ASCM also caters to those who lead effective ministries and who have a proven record of Christian leadership without a traditional academic background. ASCM encourage Christian leaders to apply for our graduate programs regardless of past academic accomplishments. Each applicant will be thoroughly evaluated by the admissions committee on his/her merit and will receive a recommendation from the Admissions Committee regarding the appropriate academic program.