January 19, 2018



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President’s Message

40 years ago in 1973, a vision was conceived in the heart of a Church of God Canadian missionary Arthur W. Pettyjohn who started a Bible School in Manila to train men and women for the ministry.                                

As a Church of God Institution of Higher Learning, ASCM is committed to the following Education purposes and objectives as listed in the Church of God Division of Education Handbook and Directory 2008-2010.

  • To impart knowledge about God as He is revealed in the Bible and in Creation.
  • To train in Biblical knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for ministry.
  • To give highest educational priority to the preparation of clergy and laity for effective Christian Ministry.
  • To ensure excellence in all programs of education by endeavoring to meet appropriate accreditation standards, where such standards are not in conflict with the Church of God philosophy of education.

Like many other Educational Institutions, Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries went through a lot of challenges which is natural to every educational institution.

One of the greatest challenges ASCM went through as a seminary is the need and continuity for financial resources to be able to continue its mission to train men and women who have the calling of God for ministry. But the grace of God is sufficient, because for 40 years, ASCM have seen and experienced the sufficiency of God’s grace to provide in times of need in the past and in the present. We believed, that what God has started at ASCM, God will continue to sustain  up to the end.

Praise God for our ASCM Alumni as “polished arrows” who are now actively working – at home and abroad, doing excellent works and ministries according to their callings and chosen professions. Congratulations to all of you, our beloved Alumni! We are very proud of you all! Keep up the good work! Keep the faith and keep going... We are praying for you. God bless!

Commendations  is given to all the Board passers for Teacher’s Lincensure Examination, and for Professional Social Workers of which two of them garnered the 3rd and 8th placers among the topnochers in the Board Examination.

Through the most capable Leadership and vision of the School Board and the COO – Chief Operation Officer, with the wholehearted support of HOD – Head of Departments, and the dedication and competence of the faculty members and staffs, along with our committed and vibrant student body, ASCM will continue to equip men and women for excellence in ministry, and prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

As we celebrate ASCM’s 40th Birthday Anniversary, let us by faith, believe that this year’s Anniversary Celebration marks the beginning of the greatest success and progress of ASCM’s pursuit of Excellence in Higher Education to the glory of our God Almighty. “For with God nothing is impossible!”

DR. MARCOS M. LIGERO, Interim President