January 19, 2018



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"ASCM is different from other seminaries because here we focus on ministry. Students are given information, but they are also challenged to think about how they can make that information relevant to their own countries, their own contexts. They are forced to be creative in applying what they learn."
-Doreen Alcoran-Benavidez, Founder, Mindoro Missions Team, New Testament Assistant Professor

"ASCM has a very special location. This kind of exposure places you where you will do your ministry- in the parks, in the offices, restaurants. It's a very nice environment for urban ministries, one you won't get from any other seminary in the Philippines."
-Jose Abraham, Professor of Theology and PhD candidate

"One of ASCM's legacies is that we really find it easy to connect to other people. This is what this school offers: interpersonal dynamics that enhance education."
-Embong Bagalawis,Professor of Bible Interpretation, New Testament, and Preaching


"The multi-cultural environment of ASCM gave me a macro perspective of opportunities in the mission field. It also taught me how to understand and respect the interesting culture of my classmates."
-Anthony Velasco, Pastor

"ASCM showed me real progress in my life. Here, I found security in God and strength in my relationship with Him. I found out that working for the Lord closes all roads to destruction and failure."
-Benedict Licuanan, 3rd Year, Bachelor of Theology

"I found my ministry direction here in ASCM."- Isaac Moreira, Graduate, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership< "I connect my experiences in the ministry to my class….My class in Church Administration has really helped me to see which areas in our church leadership lack something and which areas are doing well. Family Life and Pastoral Counseling were likewise helpful because when I came here, I didn't know how to talk to couples and how to counsel them in China. But when I came back, I was able to help them. I'm really grateful to God and to the faculty and staff in ASCM who served me. I do not know how to express it when I see them, but in my heart, I am blessed."
-Jun Ling (Helen) Zhu


"I feel like a butterfly that has just emerged after a long and painful metamorphosis."
-Mary Jane Macabuhay

"Three years ago, it was hard to leave my mother & sisters. Now, it is hard to leave this place. I have never felt far from home. You have given me so much love and care."
-Beben Joseph

"I graduated (from ASCM) at age 62. I thank God for the grace and resources to complete this milestone and enter into my new calling."
-Alfredo Montes

"At ASCM, God made me into three things: 1) A shepherd, not a hireling. A shepherd will lay down his life for his sheep; 2) A leader: I have been trained in the skills of leadership and look forward to the ministry of leadership and 3) An educator. Next week, 56 kids will graduate from my preschool. I consider it a product of this seminary."
-Ricky Santos


I grew up in West Nepal. It is an undeveloped province of Nepal. Even though I was raised in a Christian family, I could not say that I was a real Christian. My father was a pastor, but I was not active in church ministry. My life was wrecked with no purpose at all and I did not have peace.I disobeyed my parents and misbehaved. At times, I did not come home for days.I tried to change myself and even attended a Bible study, but I failed. It was not until I attended a Youth Camp that I experienced the love of God. I surrendered my life to Him. I desired to serve God, but I felt incompetent. This urgency made me decide to go to a seminary to be properly equipped.In Nepal, around 99% are Hindu and they have a strong community. The Christians there must work and stand on their faith. I believe that God chose me to preach the Gospel. We do not have a strong theological school in Nepal for we only have one or two schools. Because I am Church of God, I have chosen to study at ASCM. Day by day, God is lifting me to higher places. It was not my plan to study in a Bible school, but God showed me the way. It did not seem possible that I could come here, but God made the way. Thank you for helping me prepare myself to preach the Gospel.
-Robin Paudel

Christian Community

Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries is committed to the Lord and His body. Administrators, faculty, staff members and students constitute a community of believers and a fellowship of the Spirit, ministering to each other. Every effort is made to cultivate community life through personal interaction both inside and outside of the classroom. Corporate singing/worship/prayer, group ministries, special activities, and Community of Faith sessions, are all viewed as fellowship opportunities in our Christian Community.

Spiritual Life
Ministry is an outflow of life, not mere activities. Spiritual maturity determines the quality of ministry. Growth in spiritual life of the entire seminary family (students, staff, faculty and administration) is an important concern of ASCM. Intellectual growth must be accompanied by a growing spiritual life evidenced by an intimate daily walk with God, and being filled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

All-School Spiritual Retreats
Two special all school retreats, one each semester, are directed toward a revival and deepening of the spiritual life of the students. They are an occasion for the Seminary community to gather and to consider matters vital to a genuine standard of Christian living. All students are required to attend. These two-day retreats aim to establish relationships among faculty members, staff and students and also to provide opportunities to be strengthened by God through ministry.

Student Body Prayer Meeting
Students are encouraged to set times of prayer and intercession. There is a prayer room on the sixth floor for group and private prayer times.

Student Publication
Students are enthusiastically involved in producing the school's newspaper, ?Kerux?. It is published twice each semester. It is a venue to display the creativity and writing skills of students. Aside from the newspaper, students are also involved in producing the ?Legacy? ? ASCM's yearbook.

Chapel Services
Chapel services are held every Thursday (11:00 am to 12:30 noon) in the ASCM Chapel. The entire seminary community is expected to join together for worship and instructions. ASCM views these services as an integral and indispensable part of the curriculum, contributing to a deeper and richer devotional life for the members of the ASCM family. They provide an opportunity for student participation in the leading of corporate worship and in the ministry of the Word.