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C.E. Week / COG Youth And Discipleship Conference

You can download Conference materials here.

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Graduation 2015 Invitation

Graduation 2015 Invitation

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Training: Mitigating Psychosocial Trauma after a Major Crisis

As typhoon Yolanda hit the country specifically the Visayas Region. There are a lot of people in those barangays, towns and municipalities who are suffering from TRAUMA. They have lost their loved ones, lost their properties, there are looting everywhere because of hunger. The survivors of Yolanda have to survive from trauma. Different government and private organizations and even individuals extend help. However, aside from basic commodities that we can give to those who are devastated by the typhoon, we have to look at the deeper and inner needs of those victims. How can you speak to them? How can you speak about God in times of a crisis like this? How can you say there?s life and hope after all? ASCM offers a very timely and special training on Mitigating Psychological Trauma After a Major Crisis. Join us in this training for our better understanding of people and better service to them!

President of the Republic of the Philippines Sends Message

The President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III sent his message to ASCM on its 40th Foundation Celebration in October 16, 2013

Inter-Seminary Sportsfest

ASCM is 3rd Runner-Up

ASCM placed 3rd Runner-Up in the 21st Inter-Seminary Sportsfest hosted by the International Graduate School of Leadership in Quezon City on January 26, 2012. Led by Dr. Scott Rains; ASCM faculty, staff and students cheered for our teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badminton games. ASCM's participation was coordinated by SBO Executive Committee officers led by SBO President Davidson Vizcarra and SBO Officer Immanuel Mesa together with the other student leaders.

Evangelism Conference

Bro Leonard Albert leads Evangelism Conference

With the theme, Empowering, Equipping and Releasing, Bro Leonard Albert spoke on the topics of Soul-Winning Training, Relationship Evangelism, Apologetics and Dealing with Cults in the Evangelism Conference hosted by ASCM on January 24-25, 2012.

In his 40 years of ministry, Bro Albert has spoken 7500 times in over 3,500 conferences in 42 countries. As the conference's sole speaker, his affable and passionate approach in sharing Biblical points challenged the audience during the entire 2-day conference.

After the event in ASCM, Bro Albert travelled to North Luzon and conducted the same conference which was hosted by COG-Tuguegarao. ASCM alumnus Shelly Simon-Tangonan is the current pastor of the said local church. ASCM students, Valerie Vance Miguel and Ernest Olonan both from COG-Quirino accompanied Bro Albert in the 12-hour bus trip and assisted the local church leadership in conducting the conference.

Habitat for Humanity

ASCM & Habitat for Humanity Join Hands

20 Members of an ASCM class in Philippine Literature became the first ASCM volunteers to work with Habitat for Humanity Philippines in their build site in Barangay Payatas, Quezon City on January 31, 2012. The whole day of physical work was in response to the CTI component of the class' syllabus.

At the end of the day, Site Engineer Romin Clamor announced that the class was able to pour concrete in the floors of 5 houses, sieve sand good enough for the internal plastering of 2 houses and construct iron rebars for 2 houses. The said houses will benefit not only informal settlers of the area but public servants as well like teachers and policemen.

ASCM President, Academic Dean and Dean of Students were with the students to support this CTI event.

COG Youth and Discipleship Conference

Training has always been a priority with Church of God Youth and Discipleship. The international ministry team training events, under the leadership of Youth and Discipleship Coordinator Tony Lane, started in 2006 with the first trip to European Theological Seminary in Germany. Since that time, these teams consisting of senior/lead pastors, worship pastors, youth pastors, children's pastors, and discipleship pastors, as well as lay ministry leaders, have traveled and conducted these ministry training conferences in Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Bucharest, ETS in Germany, Mexico, as well as at ASCM in Manila and also in Dasmarinas, ouside of Manila. Many have been trained in practical church ministries under the teaching of these ministry leaders on these teams. For the fourth year, Church of God Youth and Discipleship coordinated a ministry team to conduct training and ministry in the Philippines on February 6-13. The 2012 ministry team consisted of children's ministry leaders: Retta Ewell (North Carolina), Teri & Jenelle Mullen (Washington DC), Vanessa Gore (Chicago), and Trent Black (Texas). Also on the team were John Harris (Georgia), Darien Fox (New York), Randy Holdman (Florida), Jarvaris Wright (Georgia), and Tony Lane, who served as trip coordinator/leaders.

ASCM hosted the conference, where 352 were in attendance. All students attended one of the five ministry training tracks. The response was so great that there was standing room only this year. President Scott Rains expressed sincere appreciation for the sacrifice that each of the ministry team made in order to go and provide this training. He and his staff were especially excited about the many resources which the team took for distribution. 3 wireless microphones were provided for the school chapel. An external computer drive was provided for the school office. Many puppets, books, curriculum, and ministry resources were distributed at the close of the session to conference attendees. 16 countries are represented among ASCM students.

A highlight again this year as well was the giving of 18 laptop computers to needy ASCM students. Special appreciation goes to Pastor Randy Holdman, who goes each year and takes many of the laptops his church has collected for this occasion. He took 12 with him this year. The students who come from poor economic backgrounds often have to rely on the school computers in order to fulfill their obligations. This year, laptop recipients included some pastors who are serving as regional overseers of the Church of God in the Philippines, who did not own a laptop.

In addition to the training at ASCM, the team had the opportunity to minister at an outreach to children held weekly at the Pasay Church of God, the original site of ASCM, and a YWEA project in 1966. This weekly outreach, which has been ongoing for 18 years, is a ministry in partnership with Compassion International. Sister Sue, the director, testified that many of the children who have attended this ministry program are now serving in leadership roles in the Manila region. Through this ministry, they have been lifted out of their poverty and have been able to rise above their circumstances. The children are also sponsored through Compassion International. Weekly, they receive Bible study, small group time, meals, and support.

Another highlight was a visit to Gentle Hands Orphanage. This orphanage, directed by Charity Graff, cares for children from various backgrounds. Some have been found in garbage cans. Others have been discovered after abuse. Still others are there because they were discovered to be involved in human trafficking, with a price of $300. Thank God for the leadership who is providing a place of refuge and security for these abandoned, neglected, and abused children.

On Sunday, various team members spoke in churches affiliated with the Dasmarinas Church of God, under the coordination of Pastor Anthony Velasco. The Dasmas COG continues to see significant growth with current attendance of over 8,000 weekly. The music, including vocal, instrumental, and dance was a tremendous encouragement to all the team. Some of the team preached in the satellite churches. Others ministered in two of the services at Dasmas, in drama, music and preaching.

The Church of God family is an international family, stated Lane. €œIt is extremely rewarding when the family comes together to help one another as we endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission. Those of us in the United States have been given so much and it is our responsibility to share of our own resources with others around the world.

As the team left, ASCM students, as well as those in the churches where the team ministered, asked, €˜Will you be back next year? We want to see you again next year!' Relationships have been formed for ongoing training and networking via Skype, Facebook, and the Internet. Plans are being made for a return visit in 2013. A team is being recruited now. For more information about the Philippines trip or other ministry training trips or short term missions trips, contact Tony Lane in Youth and Discipleship, 423.478.7229. You can also visit www.cogyouth.org.

Reference: http://www.faithnews.cc/2012/02/23/youth-and-discipleship-hosts-philippine-training-conference/

Eulogy for Dr. Lovell Cary

ASCM honored the memory of Dr. Lovell Cary during the Chapel Service on March 1, 2012. A lifetime missionary, Dr. Lovell Cary who was called “Mr. Missions” in the COG circles was instrumental in raising funds for the Asian Center for Christian Ministries Building which has housed ASCM since 1986. Half of his missionary career which spanned almost 60 years was spent in the Philippines. Together with his wife, Sis. Ginger, they have served the great Body of Christ in Asia with faithfulness and much sacrifice.

He was honored by his local contemporaries, COG National Overseer Dr. Marc Ligero, Regional Overseer Bishop Robert Tuazon and ASCM Board Member Bishop Willie Cuarto who shared personal stories about their interactions with Dr. Cary.

Dr. Tappeiner Theological Lectures

“Dr T” Theo Lectures Turns Three

ASCM Faculty Dr Ayuk Ayuk and Prof Doreen Benavidez were the paper presenters in the 3rd Daniel A. Tappeiner Theological Lectures held in ASCM Chapel on March 5, 2012. Prof Doreen shared on “The Spirit and the New Covenant in the Perspective of Ezekiel and Paul” while Dr Ayuk's paper was on “Spiritual Transformation: A Model of Educational Leadership.”

Both speakers interacted with the attentive audience afterwards as they answered series of questions posed by fellow-faculty, staff and students. Dr Zonia Tappeiner, widow of Dr Daniel Tappeiner expressed her utmost gratitude to ASCM for continuing this academic affair to remember and honor her husband and former ASCM Academic Dean.

Community Transformation Initiative

ASCM continues to reach out to a poor community in Makati

ASCM students guided by Community Transformation Initiative (CTI) Instructor Pastor Danny Camandero together with other faculty and staff held an immersion activity inside the depressed community of informal settlers in Barangay Pio del Pilar just across Makati Medical Center on March 15, 2012.

With prepared meals to share, CTI students in groups of three were ushered by contacts inside the makeshift homes of 60 families. They had the opportunity to converse with the family members, listen to their stories and even pray with them. Students later reported that some of the families lived inside a public cemetery in Makati before they were evicted and found themselves in their present community christened as “Botanical”. One grandmother who was 42 said she was born, grew up and started to raise her own family in that cemetery.

A student expressed his surprise that the family of seven his group visited struggled to fit in a 4 feet by 5 feet shanty. He was depressed by what he saw and at the same time humbled to have a chance to minister to them. Some families asked when would ASCM students come and visit them again. Some students are already brainstorming on coming up with an activity to reach out the youth of the community.

This immersion was the third CTI activity of ASCM with the members of “Botanical” community. The first was a business opportunity training in January where selected individuals, mostly mothers received training on how to make detergent powder, dishwashing liquid and the like. ASCM Sophomore Jacquelyn Pambid was the Resource Speaker. Jacque is also a minister of the Harvest Worship Center (Church of God-Taytay, Rizal).

The second activity was a Dental Mission last February to mostly children and young adults from the community. A volunteer dentist and a Senior Dentistry student of Centro Escolar University-Makati Campus teamed up with ASCM students to offer free tooth examination and extraction. Free medicines were likewise dispensed.

Both activities were held in ASCM with students from National Service and Training Program/Civic Social Work Program, Field Education, and CTI classes.

G.A.T.E. Seminar

14 ASCM Faculty in Final GATE Seminar

Fourteen ASCM faculty led by Academic Dean Jose Abraham and Board Member Dr Marc Ligero participated in the final year of the 4-year Global Associates in Transformation Education seminar series held in Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City, Cavite on April 16-18, 2012.

GATE Team Senior Associate Dr Robert Ferris and Associate Dr Joanna Feliciano-Soberano teamed up to facilitate the topics in “Developing Curriculum for Transformational Education”.

Faculty members of Presbyterian Theological Seminary, International Graduate School of Leadership and Biblical Seminary of the Philippines were also beneficiaries of this seminar series.