January 19, 2018



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Evangelism Conference

Bro Leonard Albert leads Evangelism Conference

With the theme, Empowering, Equipping and Releasing, Bro Leonard Albert spoke on the topics of Soul-Winning Training, Relationship Evangelism, Apologetics and Dealing with Cults in the Evangelism Conference hosted by ASCM on January 24-25, 2012.

In his 40 years of ministry, Bro Albert has spoken 7500 times in over 3,500 conferences in 42 countries. As the conference's sole speaker, his affable and passionate approach in sharing Biblical points challenged the audience during the entire 2-day conference.

After the event in ASCM, Bro Albert travelled to North Luzon and conducted the same conference which was hosted by COG-Tuguegarao. ASCM alumnus Shelly Simon-Tangonan is the current pastor of the said local church. ASCM students, Valerie Vance Miguel and Ernest Olonan both from COG-Quirino accompanied Bro Albert in the 12-hour bus trip and assisted the local church leadership in conducting the conference.