January 19, 2018



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Training: Mitigating Psychosocial Trauma after a Major Crisis

As typhoon Yolanda hit the country specifically the Visayas Region. There are a lot of people in those barangays, towns and municipalities who are suffering from TRAUMA. They have lost their loved ones, lost their properties, there are looting everywhere because of hunger. The survivors of Yolanda have to survive from trauma. Different government and private organizations and even individuals extend help. However, aside from basic commodities that we can give to those who are devastated by the typhoon, we have to look at the deeper and inner needs of those victims. How can you speak to them? How can you speak about God in times of a crisis like this? How can you say there?s life and hope after all? ASCM offers a very timely and special training on Mitigating Psychological Trauma After a Major Crisis. Join us in this training for our better understanding of people and better service to them!