Angelo Vince Tiatco

Master of Divinity, 2019
Senior Pastor, Gateway of the King of Glory

In ASCM, I was trained to read books – in the morning, noon and even in the evening, or I would not be able to answer my professor’s possible surprised questions the following day.  I was trained to write, write and write again. A 15page paper was a challenge for me on my 1st and 2nd year of stay in ASCM. On my 3rd year, suddenly, I have noticed that I was starting to go beyond 15 pages.

It was here in this school that I have learned to do things with excellence. Despite sleepless nights and a palpitating heart, I believe that I had to come to a class which was part of my service and worship to God – this I saw from my professors – Maam Doreen, Dr. Tappeiner and Dr. Mireya – their excellence is contagious; I was also encouraged to pursue higher degrees for God’s glory – Thanks to Dr. Miguel, Dr. Josh and Dr. Tappeiner. Doc Mac. Your stories on how God has changed your life have brought an impact to me – to pursue greater things for God, to believe that God is the God who transforms lives and to be more tenacious no matter how challenging life is.

It was in ASCM that I learned the significance of studying well and at the same time, allowing the Spirit to enable and sustain me in this assigned journey. ASCM has not only blessed COG ministers but ministers from different churches like me.

There are three things I’ve learned in my journey at ASCM; First, God is the God of direction and restoration. They may have messed up their early days, but God is our redeemer and He can restore us. “For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again” Prov 24:16. Be tenacious, committed and faithful no matter how hard your assignments are.

Second, they may not be good in a certain area of life but surely, God has perfectly designed them for a specific situation in this life. They may not be good at Chemistry nor Geometry, maybe, God has called them to excel in Theology. I am certain that God has called us for a specific purpose in life. But this requires us to seek the Lord and abide in His word. Seek the Lord and He will be found. As we seek Him, he transforms us and he unveils His plans to us. “It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them”. Prov 25:2.

Lastly, finish the race with excellence. It is an act of worship. Moses did his assignments with excellence. Jesus finished his task. Paul desired to finish the race. Let us finish our course in this season of learning. Finish our assignments with excellence. You will not only get a good grade, but you will also hear God saying “good and faithful servant”.