Krizzia Kate Yuzon

Bachelor of Theology , 2017
Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Prison Ministry Head (COG-Imus)
Kabataan Iwas Droga Movement Advocate – Imus 

Hi! I am Krizzia Kate Yuzon, Bachelor of Theology, Batch 2017, a former SBO president.

Many years had passed and before coming to ASCM, I was imprisoned in United Arab Emirates (UAE). I can still vividly remember my case number which bears all of my records. That case number was 03471. I carried this case number for 2 years. In those 2 years I was without any freedom and my life was in chaos. I came to the point of hopelessness, I have carried such misery and despair to the point that I no longer saw life, pleasurable. It was then that from the depths of my inner being, I cried unto God and just surrendered my life’s dreams and goals for my future.

God listened to my cry. My imprisonment ended with a deportation order back to the Philippines.

God’s hand in my situation. My return brought an unexpected renewed hope. I clearly recall that God spoke to my heart, ‘Daughter I want you to preach my Gospel to the unreached’. But I asked myself, “how?”

He eventually led me to a bible school, and that was at the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries. Then a remarkable thing happened. As I was going through the process of enrolment, the ASCM librarian, ‘Mamu Andy’ (as she is fondly called to this day), reminded me to get my student ID. When my student ID was handed to me, I was completely shocked!  It carried the numbers 03417!  It was almost identical to my case number in Dubai (03471) but with the last two digits reversed. I thought my eyes played a trick on me, but suddenly everything dawned on me. It was God’s sweet reminder  that what happened to me in Dubai had been reversed. I have been set free!  My studies in ASCM,  he used to turn my sorrows into  joy!  His sovereign will in my life prevailed.

God has set me Free! ASCM taught and showed me how to go beyond my comfort zone; beyond my dreams; beyond all my connections to people in campuses and communities in our city. Understanding to GO Beyond CONNECTION has taught me the difference from just being connected. The idea of beyond CONNECTION encouraged me to build relationships with my schoolmates and even to my professors. ASCM had also taught me to SERVE and not to long for any High POSITION but to pursue my PASSION in knowing God and making Him known to this generation. My anointed professors imparted and equipped me not to preach SUGAR COATED MESSAGES but to preach SOLID TRUTH. To this day, I carry the lessons learned during the 4 years I had spent with the Seminary. ASCM has given me a solid foundation in theology and ministry.

Thank you ASCM for being faithful in producing anointed preachers, passionate teachers and faithful Servants of God. May God continue to move and use ASCM for the coming generations! Soli Deo Gloria!