We RISE Together

The student body is composed of men and women who differ in background, age, occupation, ethnicity, and tradition, yet they share in the same response to the call to God’s mission. Their Seminary experience allows them to build meaningful relationships with other ministers — the kind of friendships that help them grow as individuals and as leaders, even beyond the classrooms. They don’t only learn together; they strengthen, encourage and minister to one another.

For SY 2020-2021, the SBO Officers promote student life through the catchphrase “We RISE Together.” The phrase reflects on the rise of the new campus, as well as the need to overcome the challenges of 2020 by helping one another.

The word “RISE” furthermore spells out the SBO’s vision / mission for the schoolyear:

R: Revive ASCM’s Pentecostal identity through passionate, Spirit-led prayer and worship
I: Inspire the individual expression of the image of Christ in one another
S: Strengthen the sense of community and service, inside and outside campus
E: Endeavor toward excellence and effectiveness in academics and ministry