Student Life


The Asian Seminary promotes student life and experience into which academic study, spiritual life, behavior and action are integrated. Thus, the spiritual formation in the school begins in the classroom where teachers, also play a role in providing pastoral care and spiritual mentoring. Personal and communal Prayer, devotions and ministering to one another are regularly practiced in our classrooms. Most of our core courses have its own ministry integration project where teachers help students to engage a setting or community with the insights that they have learned from the class.

Certain courses in the curriculum are specially designed to facilitate ASCM life and experience. These courses are NSTP 1, NSTP 2 and CTI. CTI is the community outreach program of ASCM where the whole school community come together not only to do Christian civic social work activities but also for prayer and reflection. Civic social work activities range from conducting Alternative Learning System (ALS) sessions for out of school youth, feeding of malnourished children and doing community work alongside evangelistic activities. NSTP courses also provide the same platform as CTI for students, enhancing their civic consciousness and ethics of service and providing opportunity for them to contribute to the general welfare of the wider community.


ASCM singers is an itinerant group of musically talented individuals who come from the ranks  of Students taking the Certificate in Church Musicianship (CCM), especially those who are taking Music Fundamentals, Band Ensemble, Voice Ensemble, Piano, Guitar and Drums. Other students who are gifted in voice and playing instruments are also encouraged to be part of the group. This team visits churches frequently and have the opportunity to minister through Praise and worship in local churches and other community events


Chapel Service is an integral part of the spiritual life of every member of the ASCM family. It provides an opportunity for student participation in the leading of corporate worship and in the ministry of the Word. Once every month Chapel Services are held once a local congregation, either within Metro Manila or adjacent provinces. In doing so, the students are given the opportunity to share the experience of worshiping God and proclaiming the gospel with people of various local Church communities.